Wiki Mirai Nikki

Es el segundo opening de la serie de anime Mirai Nikki. Esta canción sustituye a Kuusou Mesorogiwi a partir del Episodio 15. Es cantada por Faylan.


The girl with the sharp thorn in her flesh
I meet at your story
Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love
Do you kill your friends
If you can fulfill your wish?
Can you die for someone?
They are synonymous words.
Life is a game It's a survival
That's right! How do you start?
Time and space It's a crossroad through a gate!
Where do you go?
Your seek eternal breath
Why do you need to live?
We don't know, when this came into being
We are the timeleaper
Nothing's gonna change with you in the world
Everything will be decided by the rules
Oh, we are travelling the past and the future through love
Break Out!
Let's dial back all the pains and we will born again
I wanna see the stars with you
Over the miracle
It's not a DEAD END.



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